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Skoura palm grove

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The palm grove of Skoura is about forty kilometers from Ouarzazate city downstream of the Dades Valley to 1188 m altitude between Atlas, Anti-Atlas and the Dades Valley, famous for its olive and its oil.

Foggaras bring water from the mountains to irrigate the palm offers the cool oasis, a maze of lush gardens in the shade of date palms, pomegranate, fig, almond, checkered cereal. it first meets the eye as a large green ribbon making its way between the beige ridges, white sometimes in winter. And driving past it, one cannot help but wish to explore it. Once past the oued and within the shade of the palm trees, a true earthly heaven uncovers itself: figs and pomegranates, vine and pumpkins, tomatoes and olives, rosemary and thyme all grow next to each other, as the water streams gently make their way to each garden, ingeniously separated by hand- made dams, that get open and closed every few hours.

One can wander for hours here, protected by the shade of the palms, past century- old kasbahs where the local guide will tell you the differences between Berber and Jewish architecture.Among the many kasbas of the oasis like Ameridil,Sidi Maati and Ait Sous worth a visit.

If you are traveling as a solo traveller ,as a couple, with family, or with small group of friends, our team(competent and professional guide ) will do there best to ensure an unforgettable experience ,discovering the beauty and richness of SKOURA palm grove ,as we offer a wide choice of walks rangings from few houres to half and full day trips.

The suggested hikes and walks are customizable according to your desires, your needs as well as your level , you can do camel ride, horse,mule or donkey ride, and also can do mountain bike or quad.

During your day trip you will have the opportunity to discover the diversity of the palm grove, meet the locals and the craftsmen (potter, blacksmith, baker, carpenter …) see very closely the architecture of the Kasbahs as well as the famous Khtara (irrigation system) and many other good plans.

Skoura palm grove is suggested to be visited all the year as it has beautifull weather .but in Skoura360 we advice you to visite this amazing palm grove from 2nd week february to 3rd week of june and from 1st week september to end of 1st week november as well as in the las week of december for Christmas holidays.

Main activities of your day trip

 Walking tours:

Most travelers prefer to visit Skoura palm grove and its weekly market (souk of monday) by walk. Every Monday, the souk settles in Skoura, a highlight of the daily life of the inhabitants. Among other things, there is the work of city craftsmen in pottery and basketry , and also as every day in Skoura, you can visite a women cooperative which produces local goat cheese.

Mountain bikes tours :

The Mountain bikes available for a ride without a guide or for a guided ride from one houre to halfe day and full day including visites of the main spotes of this big oasis as well as picnic or lunch in habitant.

Camel treks or Donkey and Mulet ride:

Departure from your hotel 1 or 3 hours camel trek or donkey and mulet ride as prefer families who travel with small kids.

Highlights of the day trip:

The visite of Oulad Tanrort,Oulad Yacoub and Oulad Arbia Gardens.

kasbah Amridil, 360 ° view from the village oulad arbia, Visit Mohamed the potter, the beautiful views of the treks on the edge of wadi Dadess at the Oasis of Oulad Merzouge and Afra.

In short :

Region: Skoura palm grove

Period: from 2houres to  1/2 Day or a full Day

Group size: 1 person minimum – maximum 10 pax.

Guide: an English speaking guide (for more than 8 persones 2 guides is better)

 Type of trip: Walking,biking,trekking… tours from your hotel.

Accommodation: Please visite SKOURA ACCOMODATIONS

Price per person:

  • 2 personnes: 10 € / per personne 1/2 day 3h and 25 €/per personne the full day
  • 3/4 personnes: 8 €/ per personne 1/2 day 3h and 20 € / per personne the full day
  • 5/7 personnes: 6 €/ per personne 1/2 day 3h and 15 € / per personne the full day
  • 9/10 personnes: 5 € /per personne 1/2 day 3h and 8 € / per personne the full day
  • 10 personnes : 4 €/ per personne 1/2 day 3h and 8 € / per personne the full day