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Traditional berber architecture in Skoura and its region

A Kasbah in general is a fortified complex, built with local materials and perfectly adapted to the hard weather of sahara desert. These are majestic red or ocher earth, which looks like earthen castles, generally isolated but located in height, often with 4 towers to watch the valleys below. The upper parts of the kasbah are decorated Berber-inspired geometric patterns found both on jewelry and carpets and on tattoos worn by women, all these symbols often has a meaning in the local language.

The Ksars, Marabout and Zaouia translate the genius of exploiting the natural elements, in particular the earth, adapting it to the climate and the local way of life. An architecture with elegant and varied construction techniques. While exploring these creations ,it takes you on the traces of different ancient civilizations and you will feel all the cultural and natural background where they were born before you do.

Old Casbahs and ksars(castels) and Amazigh architecture

Charming, historic villages(walled villages)

Kseir En Nassara, Ksebt Aguelli, The Kasbah of Caid Abdellah in Aït Chaïr, Fortifications of the tribes, Tour de Laâssa, Tinwar, Ksar Oulad Houssein, Lharet, Tamsolet, Tagragra…

Discover the old fortified houses

El Graoua, Roha, El Haj Ben Amar, Oulad Merzug, El Haj Brahim Adel, Agoumat Aït Tyamaz, Oulad Cheikh Ali, El Mellah or Dar Aït Brahim, Roha, Ham Brahim, Khamsa, Agglomerations of fortified houses Ksar El Quebaba, Khamsa, Ksar Aït Ben Iggass, Agoumat

Visited old Sufi groups houses

Zaouïa Aït Sidi Yacoubi, Oulad Brahim and also greniers maraboutiques: Sidi Aissa, Taskoukamt, Sidi Mbarek Ou Ali, Tajanat Marabouts: Sidi Abdelhak, Agoumat, Sidi Abdelmalek, Oulad Cheikh Ali, Zaouïa Sidi Bourja, Oulad Merzoug El Hanine, Tiriguiout, Sidi Mohamed Sbai, Oulad Said…

The Old Kasbahs and Ksours of Skoura and its region

Kasbah Amridil, Sidi Maati, Imeratten, Kasbah Khul, Lharet, Tagragra, Taourirt, Aït Ben Haddou, Tiffoultoute, Kasbah des Cigognes, Telouat, Tamdakht, Tamnougalt, Tamsolet, Amzrou, Tamgrout …

Megdaz and Tamsolet berber archetecture

Berber village of Tamsolet only few kilometters from SKOURA,in the heart of Assif N’ait Saaid over looking the vallez of almondes.The village of Megdaz, one of the most beautiful in the region of the High Central Atlas(1h drive from skoura), constitutes the cradle of a civilization and an extraordinary architectural know-how, Impressive village implanted in staircase, very “nature”, composed of houses made of clay, which gives the impression of having remained the same for 3 centuries…

Highlights of the day trip

Your guide (well educated in morocain heritage), Berber village of Megdaz and Tamsolet ,Cultural meeting, Kasbahs Imeraten , Kasbah Amridil, 360 ° view from Ksar oulad Brahim, Visit souce Ain Makhzan,beautiful views from Kser Ait Chair.

Price per person

  • 2personnes:10 €/per pesonne 1/2 day 3h and 25 €/per personne day
  • 4 personnes:8€/per pesonne 1/2 day 3h and 18€/per personne day
  • 6 personnes:6€/per pesonne 1/2 day 3h and 12 €/per personne day
  • 8 personnes:5€/per pesonne 1/2day 3h and 10 €/per personne day
  • 10 personnes:4€/per pesonne 1/2day 3h and 8€/per personne day

Note:Possible to picnic in nature or lunch with the berber local family .