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Discover SKOURA palm grove in South of Marrakech with SKOURA 360 °

find out skoura palm grove secrets and visite its surroundings with SKOURA 360° team

Skoura 360° communication agency in Skoura

SKOURA 360° is a small communication and local day trips agency based in skoura ouarzazate morocco,created by M.Soufiane who is dreaming to contribute marketing skills to tourism development in his home twon by :

  • Helping travellers from all over the world to spend unforgettable holidays and day trips in skoura palm grove and its surroundings . 
  • Support underserved young entrepreneurs to start, grow and sustain their businesses – enabling them to create jobs, build communities… 
  • Support tourism professionals in the daily management of theire accommodations and suggested tours. 
  • Promote the palm grove of Skoura, by meeting, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and skills, understanding between peoples from all over the world.
  • Skoura 360 aims to develop actions on the economic and social level, in the field of tourism, training and intercultural meeting. 
  • When you book a visit,a day trip or a stay with us, 1% goes to the education of children in the kinder gardens of  local associations  as well as women’s education houses in Skoura. 

Organizing your event trips in SKOURA palm grove

Photo,Pottery & Cooking workshops

Long stays and yoga holidays

Day and half-day Trips

Photography internship:

In partnership with our friend M.Bertrand Vandeloise(photographer and teacher) , Skoura 360 team offers you three diffrent periods of photography internship every year in skoura and its region.

This photo trip to Morocco is designed for photography , also offer you an authentic and customized private Tours of Morocco that travel at your pace to explore an exotic kingdom. With a mixture of old cities, Berber villages, mountains and steep roads, not only are you guaranteed to see places that only Morocco can offer, but you will also learn how to take better photos while traveling.

“Dear friends, for the photo trip that I am organizing in the south of Morocco,it is to everyone (++ lover of hiking, Cool atmosphere, a touch of adventure, far from common travel trails, photo trips to where the cars don’t go… hiking in unspoiled landscapes, with a thousand colors, meeting welcoming and caring berber families. In short, a great pleasure for few days, with incredible groups of diffrent ages (with lots of luck 🙏).

I’m planning the next photo trips to skoura the month of January, March, and October of each year with different plans 🌴. And there will be for sur an exhibition of participants works on skoura schools and kinder gardens every end of a year ”M.Bertrand Vandeloise

Ceramics & pottery courses – Creative, craft and artisan :

In SKOURA palm grove many families have lived for generations the art of pottery , Mohamed El Fakhar ( the potter, singer and musician)offers you pottery lessons with hope in life and atmosphere… and human sharing !!!

Mohamed was born in Oulad Arbiaa, one of four villages of pottery-man in Skoura. Spent his childhood in his native village. In the absence of any distraction, he went daily to his father’s pottery workshop. At first, he tried to be helpful to his father and brother. He had fun sifting the earth, kneading it. It was above all a game for him who spent his time making small earthen jugs, small bowls … as if he were building sandcastles by the sea.

Years passed, Mohamed forged the talents of a potter out of habit. His father was weakened by age and the illness no longer had the strength to work. Like him, he’s the one who wins his family’s bread. His fate is then sealed: he will be a potter. An office he held for more than seven years. Today, 37 years old, his whole identity is put to the test in a profession made for robust arms …..

Moroccan cooking class:

Following your choice , the cooking class can take place in one of the guest houses, hostels or kasbahs you are sleeping or in mocain family house in the heart of skoura palm grove .It is also possible to cook as a couple, with family or with friends , the more important is to lear with us how to cook at least one or two Moroccan dishes of your choice .
Please contact us : it will be a Quick and easy booking.Cook your favorite dish and Discover the local Morocain cuisine.

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You have been in love with Morocco and Moroccans, you want to benefit from a mild climate all year round with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, you dream of being in the south of Morocco and living like Moroccans…, at Skoura 360 we offer a wide choice of accommodations to spend your long term stays in Skoura in the heart of southern Morocco and also the support team will be on hand to answer all your questions and requests.

Skoura 360 offers you:

Whole accommodations: an accommodation just for you:Appartement, Riad or Dar(local small Family house)in the heart of skoura palm grove.

Private rooms:Have your own room and share common areas in a hotel,motel, guesthouse , kasbah,lodge or boutique hotel.

Yoga holidays with friends in Skoura:

In collaboration with Madame Jourdan Barrier Valérie psychologist and sophrologist and Madame Isabelle Rossi President of the Promotion Association of Homeopathic Medicine we suggest Yoga trips dedicated to Women.

“If you need rest and relaxation, and you want to reconnect with nature, then join this journey. On this journey, you will walk through the silence of the desert as you dive into the beautiful sand dunes of the Sahara desert” Isabelle Rossi

“You want to take a step back, you sometimes need to take a little distance from your emotions, certain behaviors, calm your mind , gently and without harming or frustrating you.Hostage of education, of morals, of a family, professional position, daring to free oneself to redefine one’s thinking patterns and these behaviors. Without pain, without going violent towards oneself or others.Get away from the disturbing emotion without leaving the world This space is made for that, to discuss, exchange, meditate freely. You initiate or continue the practice of mindfulness in everyday life, far from everything meditation is not..To meditate is not to think no more ..Here it is ! you are all welcome.” Jourdan Barrier Valérie

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Activities depends on your choice :

Set between the High Atlas in the north and Djebel Saghro in the south, it first meets the eye as a large green ribbon making its way between the beige ridges, white sometimes in winter. And driving past it, one cannot help but wish to explore it.

Once past the oued and within the shade of the palm trees, a true earthly heaven uncovers itself: figs and pomegranates, vine and pumpkins, tomatoes and olives, rosemary and thyme all grow next to each other, as the water streams gently make their way to each garden, ingeniously separated by hand- made dams, that get open and closed every few hours. One can wander for hours here, protected by the shade of the palms, past century- old kasbahs where the local guide will tell you the differences between Berber and Jewish architecture.

If you are traveling to Morocco to recharge your batteries,either you travel as a couple, with family, or with friends,Skoura360 team will take care of you and ensure you an unforgettable experience to discover the beauty of this region.

We suggest a wide choice of activities for from half a day to several days.Our hikes are customizable according to your desires,walking,biking, camel ,horse or mule trekkings, mountain bikeor quad….

During your day trip you will have the opportunity to discover the diversity of the palm grove, meet the locals and see very closely the architecture of the Kasbahs as well as the famous Khtara (irrigation system) and many other good plans.

Picnic in SKOURA palm grove and Camping in Sidi Flah Stone Camp :

Having a picnic in the palm grove under the palm trees or at the inhabitant’s is to be in contact with nature and the inhabitants of skoura which ensure many excetional feelings.
If you choose to enjoy the sunset up on skoura oasis and see the stars..and so many great ideas for you during your stay at the Ecological Stone Camp near Sidi Flah .

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Donate to a charity of your choice and help change lives today

Solidarity travel


Our goal is to improve the daily life of the Douars (small berber villages) of Skoura by donations or actions on the ground: the equipment of classrooms, kindergartens and helping the local associations. If have any project in minde and intersted to come to skoura here in the heart of south of Morocco to meet children, women and local associations of small villages please contact us for more informations.

Skoura 360 team is currently collecting clothes, toys and books in the several Moroccan cities and also in Europe in partnership with regular travelers and local associations .

With local and international associations we share common orientations which we do our best as we can to bring it alive by projects and monemnts for exchange, meeting and sharing of experiences with children, women and young people in Skoura.

Helping Skoura communitie to have access to drinkable water.
By creating bold partnerships and innovative fundraising initiatives, we find new ways to unlock funds that allow us to pursue our mission to provide sustainable access to safe water and sanitation, all over skoura palm grove.

When you book a visit,a day trip or a stay with our agency, 1% goes to the education of children in the kinder garden and women’s house of education in skoura .

Please if have any suggestions or ideas please share with us .We would like to thank you for your trust, for your advices which are always welcome and hope you will always have the same pleasure.