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Discover Skoura palm grove and its region with our team

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Contrebute marketing skills into tourisme activity in skoura

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Skoura 360° communication agency in Skoura

SKOURA 360° is a small communication and local day trips agency based in skoura ouarzazate morocco,created by M.Soufiane who is dreaming to contribute marketing skills to tourism development in his home twon by :

  • Helping travellers from all over the world to spend unforgettable holidays and day trips in skoura palm grove and its surroundings . 
  • Support underserved young entrepreneurs to start, grow and sustain their businesses – enabling them to create jobs, build communities… 
  • Support tourism professionals in the daily management of theire accommodations and suggested tours. 
  • Promote the palm grove of Skoura, by meeting, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and skills, understanding between peoples from all over the world.
  • Skoura 360 aims to develop actions on the economic and social level, in the field of tourism, training and intercultural meeting. 
  • When you book a visit,a day trip or a stay with us, 1% goes to the education of children in the kinder gardens of  local associations  as well as women’s education houses in Skoura. 

Women's houses and kindergartens in skoura

Make a donation, participate in a project or start an associative activity

There are many associations in Skoura, for the ecological development of the palm grove, for a better life for the inhabitants, for the delivery of school materials, manufacture and sale of objects made by mothers for the education of  theire children in kindergardens and many others …

Our goal is to improve the daily life of the Douars (small berber villages) of Skoura by donations or actions on the ground: the equipment of classrooms, kindergartens and helping the local associations.Many travellers  would be happy to participate a little more, Skoura is one of the destinations where one comes to discover Morocco and its authentic culture.For eveyone who have any project or idea  in minde and intersted to come to skoura to meet children, women and local associations.With local ,national and international associations we share common orientations which we do our best to bring it alive by projects  with children, women and young people in Skoura.Helping Skoura communitie to have access to drinkable water.

When you book a visit,a day trip or a stay with our agency, 1% goes to the education of children in the kinder garden and women’s house of education in skoura. Please if have any suggestions or ideas  share with us!!